Pension / Family Office

Tailored portfolios based on individual client needs

Since 2005, we have been building, managing and reporting on individually tailored portfolios, including internally and externally managed funds and direct investments, for institutional and private clients. Our portfolios have withstood the test of time, including the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the Euro Debt Crisis and decade of “risk on, risk off” markets.

Portfolios are built to suit each client’s individual needs and are comprised of our hand-picked, specialist funds, passive allocations, and direct investments. We develop custom allocations, ensuring that each client’s total portfolio has the appropriate diversification.

Our pension fund clients delegate varying degrees of the running of the investment strategy to us via our flexible fiduciary management solution. By combining specialist lability driven investment managers with our award winning multi-asset fund, the result is a simple approach that manages risk and delivers return.

We believe specialist funds are the key to achieving appropriate diversification of risk.