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Investment solutions for smaller pension

Trustees of small pension funds have a distinct advantage over their larger peers. With a wider universe of opportunities open to them and risk management solutions ever more available, managing pension funds with assets of less than £200m is where we are focused.

Our approach is simple and cost-effective.

We start by understanding your goals, which may range from buy-out to self-sufficiency, on something other than a Gilt’s basis.

We then work with trustees to set a journey plan using our proprietary risk management systems, based on three key criteria:

  • Return requirements
  • Liquidity constraints
  • Risk appetite

We construct a portfolio of assets to manage risk and meet liquidity needs, alongside a portfolio of growth assets targeting stable risk-adjusted returns, all using specialist fund managers.

The specialist growth managers can be accessed directly or, more simply, via our cutting-edge Multi-Asset Fund. In addition, we offer asset allocation and journey planning advice to any pension fund investing in the Gatemore Multi-Asset Fund at no extra cost.

We provide consolidating reporting and attend as many meeting as required, all within a simple fixed or performance related fee.

Importantly, any service can be delegated to Gatemore without any change in fee.


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We have achieved three times the return for the same level of risk compared to the top five industry players.