Gatemore in a minute: Value Creators

11th July 2017

We are launching a series of short videos called Gatemore In A Minute to share our thoughts on current investment


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Gambling On The Pound

4th March 2016

Anybody willing to wager on Brexit? We now know the date of the referendum and expect to see Boris and Dave throwing a myriad of statistics at us on the impact of our decision.

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Tis the Season for Prognostications – Buyer Beware

3rd March 2016

It's that time of year again, when prognosticators - the so-called "experts" in a given field - take stock and give us insight into what we should expect in the coming year.

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Stumbling Giants

3rd March 2016

Look out for George Cadbury’s Stumbling Giants article on Pensions Management Institute, where you can also download the PDF version.

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The ‘Perverse’ Investment Consulting Industry

24th November 2015

An article in FTfm yesterday entitled ‘Perverse’ consulting sector slammed highlights the anti-competitive practices of the big three consultancies and the resulting damages caused.

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MLPs: Has the Baby Been Thrown Out with the Bathwater?

20th November 2015

Until about a year ago, investors were clamoring to invest in Master Limited Partnerships (“MLPs”). These companies, which engage in the transportation, storage, processing, and production of natural resources, stand to profit from the energy renaissance taking place in the U.S.

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The Endowment Model Still Works

30th October 2015

Yale’s investment office, the progenitor of the formerly ballyhooed and more recently maligned “endowment model,” recently released results for their fiscal year 2015, which ended on 30th June.

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Fundamentals for the Long Term

22nd October 2015

Sometimes even Cassandra catches a break. Two years ago we warned of the dangers of ‘risk parity’, an investment approach balancing portfolio allocations by risk before leveraging up the result, and with recent market stress it has been back in the headlines

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Why We Are Optimistic

4th September 2015

Unless you spent the last weeks of August languishing on a remote island, disconnected from the world (which some of you actually might have been), you are aware of the recent spike in market volatility

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Is There a Negative Relationship Between Hedge Fund Size and Performance?

21st July 2015

Earlier this year, Gatemore commissioned Cass Business School to conduct the most comprehensive study to date on the relationship between hedge fund size and performance.

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