Three Men Make a Tiger

7th January 2015

An ancient Chinese proverb warning against groupthink tells of how a high-ranking official once asked his King: would you believe a cry that a tiger was free in the marketplace?

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Unrealistic For Most

11th November 2014

An article in the FT yesterday entitled “Pension funds target ‘unrealistically’ high returns” summarises analysis prepared by Create Research of 190 pension schemes with combined assets of €1.9 trillion.

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Keep Calm and Allocate

17th October 2014

A rash of fears have overtaken markets. Over the past four weeks, the VIX (volatility index - aka “the fear index”) has risen 86% whilst global equities have slumped 7.6%

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The Big Issue

24th September 2014

In an announcement last week, CalPERS called an end to its $4 billion hedge fund portfolio, citing scale, complexity and cost as key rationale for shutting down a program that has been in place for twelve years.

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The Spinning Dancers

8th September 2014

There is an optical illusion known as The Spinning Dancer in which a female dancer continuously pirouettes. Some people will see the dancer spinning clockwise (with her left foot on the ground) while others will interpret her as spinning anti-clockwise

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Bubbles Everywhere or Just the “New Normal”?

23rd July 2014

There has been a growing chorus of investors and pundits decrying bubbles in nearly every major asset class - rates, credit, equities, and even (once more) property.

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Size Is The Enemy Of Performance

1st July 2014

An article in yesterday’s Financial Times, entitled “’150 people’ will control UK funds”, underscores what has been common knowledge for some time - that the investment consulting industry has become increasingly concentrated.

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Active Management Under Fire

12th May 2014

Since Gatemore’s inception nine years ago, we have been advocates of using ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and other low cost options in traditional asset classes such as developed market equities, core fixed income and even some emerging markets.

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Are Commodities Coming Back Into Fashion?

28th April 2014

As evangelists of diversification, Gatemore has long allocated to commodities. We believe the asset class can offer uncorrelated returns while acting as a hedge against inflation.

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Consumer Opportunities in China

8th April 2014

Chinese equity investors have had a torrid year. Over the past twelve months, moderating GDP growth, continued fears over a credit “bubble,” and the beginnings of a bond market correction have driven Chinese markets down 9%.

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