Our Team

Based in our London, Paris and New York offices, our team has diverse backgrounds in investments, pensions, finance and operations. Our senior investment team has on average spent over 10 years at Gatemore, and our staff hold accreditations including FIA, ACCA, CFA and IMC. We are an independent firm with a strong culture marrying entrepreneurship and institutional discipline.

Value Creation

In a low-growth, low-return environment where asset prices are driven more by fund flows than by fundamentals, we have taken a new approach to asset allocation and fund selection. To succeed going forward, it will not be enough for fund managers to identify value, they must create it. This is a central thesis for our investing today.

Measured Growth

Academic research has proven that with most active strategies, smaller funds deliver stronger absolute and risk-adjusted returns with low correlations in times of stress.* Our steady and measured growth as a firm has allowed us to focus on researching smaller funds which focus on niche strategies – without having to be concerned about capacity limitations. This is a direct advantage we maintain over large advisory firms.* Andrew Clare, Dirk Nitzsche and Nick Motson, “Are investors better off with small hedge funds in times of crisis?” July 2015.

Dedicated Risk Management

Traditional risk models capture limited aspects of portfolio risk. We have developed our own proprietary models, breaking down the individual factors which drive growth portfolio returns and which drive changes to liabilities.