Activist Fund

The hands-on approach

We launched the Gatemore Special Opportunities Fund (SOF) in 2018 to provide investors access to our activist, deep value and special situations strategy through a single fund vehicle.

The SOF unlocks value by engaging with portfolio companies to improve corporate governance or strategy. Whereas most active managers focus solely on identifying value, our strategy is based on creating value. We strongly believe that taking a more engaged approach enables us not only to outperform broader markets but also to understand and control risk in a fundamental way.

The SOF is a concentrated portfolio of companies across the UK, US and Europe and can hold anything from small minority stakes to take-private positions. We treat each company as a unique case and have employed a wide variety of tactics, aiming to have productive working relationships with boards of directors, management teams and shareholders.


We believe there is a strong relationship between good corporate governance and long-term share price performance.