Improving Corporate Standards

A core component of our mission is “actively promoting positive change” as a way of achieving “exceptional risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.”

We do not believe that ESG can be reduced to prescribed processes. It is either core to the mission, or it is not. Our approach is to engage in the investments we make, forming long term partnerships that allow us to affect change, taking proactive steps with clear results.

Examples of our impact have included:

Successfully structured a rescue financing for a logistics company, saving over 3,000 jobs in England

Breaking up a “country club” board of directors at one of our portfolio companies and pushing for more aligned executive compensation

Maintaining a strict “zero wage gap” policy and ensuring diversity at the board level of our wholly owned portfolio companies

Leading vote against a mis-aligned remuneration plan in a portfolio company, leading to the departure of the head of the remuneration committee 

Campaigning to successfully eliminate poison pill from a portfolio company

Backing sustainable sourcing at two retailers within our portfolio

Campaigning to split Chairman/CEO role and improve board independence at a founder-led retail company


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