Multi-Asset Fund

Our best ideas in a single fund format

We launched the Gatemore Multi-Asset Fund in 2015 to meet demand from our clients for access to our best ideas in a simple, single fund structure.

The Multi-Asset Fund invests in funds or strategies, is unconstrained by size or geography and not influenced by brand. The portfolio is diversified across different drivers of return with the aim of delivering a return of Libor + 5% per annum with half the volatility of equities over an economic cycle.

The core focus of the Gatemore Multi-Asset Fund is on single-strategy, specialist fund managers. These fund managers who, in our experience, outperform their larger peers and better preserve capital in times of stress; a point confirmed by an academic study we commissioned the Cass Business School to complete in 2015. Alongside specialist external managers, our Multi-Asset Fund also allocates to the Gatemore Special Opportunities Fund and select investments from Gatemore Ventures.

The Gatemore Multi-Asset Fund is different. It is the first monthly-dealt growth fund aimed specifically at pension funds, which invests in assets outside the reach of most of its peers.


For pension funds investing in our Multi-Asset Fund, we also provide asset allocation and strategic advice at no additional cost.


The Gatemore Multi-Asset Fund is the first monthly-dealt growth fund aimed specifically at pension funds which takes an authentic approach to ESG to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

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