Still Not Enough: French Connection’s trading statement

20th September 2016

French Connection’s products are being better received by the market following the hiring of a new design team, evidenced by a rise in like-by-like sales of 6.5% in the UK and Europe and concessions growth of 13.9%, according to Gatemore Capital Management, an activist investor with 8% in the retailer.

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Coverage of French Connection activist letter

11th August 2016

Gatemore Capital Management has been featured in the following publications following its announcement that it wishes to speak with the French Connection UK management board about rejuvenating the retailer’s brand and finances.

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Activist letter, French Connection

25th July 2016

I write on behalf of GCM Partners, a division of Gatemore Capital Management LLP ("Gatemore"), which oversees direct investments for principals and clients of Gatemore.

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Gatemore Shortlisted For Three UK Pensions Awards

3rd March 2016

Gatemore Capital Management has recently been shortlisted for three Professional Pensions UK Pensions Awards for 2016 including Investment Consultancy of the Year, Fiduciary Manager of the Year and DB Investment Innovation of the Year.

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Annual Letter

3rd March 2016

The course of investment markets over 2015 was volatile, and their path at the start of this year has been even more turbulent. In such an unsettled environment, it is easy to let emotions take over and fall into the trap of believing that the world is falling apart.

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Pensions Expert: Why the pension consultancy market is a true oligopoly

18th September 2015

For 10 years we have been clamouring about this topic. With more than 70 per cent of defined benefit pension


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Gatemore Launches Tailored Service for Private Equity-backed and Multinational Companies with Underfunded Pension Schemes

18th November 2013

Gatemore Capital Management, the boutique investment advisory firm, today launches Gatemore Pension Advisory (“GPA”), an innovative new service aimed at corporate sponsors of underfunded pension schemes.

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Gatemore Capital Management Launches New Bespoke Fiduciary Service

30th May 2013

Gatemore Capital Management LLP (Gatemore), the boutique investment advisory firm, today announces the launch of its ‘Delegated CIO’ service for pension funds as the firm expands its offerings in the UK.

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Teva Appoints Gatemore Capital Management as Dedicated Chief Investment Officer

12th March 2012

Gatemore Capital Management has been appointed as dedicated chief investment officer by the trustees of Teva UK Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme.

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Gatemore Shortlisted For UK Pensions Awards 2012: Investment Consultancy Of The Year

1st March 2012

Gatemore Short-Listed For 2012 UK Pension Awards: Investment Consultancy of the Year

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