Is There a Negative Relationship Between Hedge Fund Size and Performance?

21st July 2015

Earlier this year, Gatemore commissioned Cass Business School to conduct the most comprehensive study to date on the relationship between hedge fund size and performance.

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Illusion of Control

28th May 2015

"Being on a hot streak is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a professional or individual investor”: these counterintuitive words are a key takeaway from a recent Wall Street Journal piece on the illusion of control and the importance of staying grounded in the face of investment success.

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The New Paradigm in Oil

27th April 2015

An April 22nd article in the New York Times entitled “New Balance of Power” details the waning influence of OPEC on world oil prices and the rising primacy of market forces, declaring that “the United States is overtaking the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as the vital global swing producer that determines prices.”

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Banking 2.0

7th April 2015

The dramatic events of October 2008 changed the game for banks globally; over-leveraged and under-capitalized, lenders throughout the developed world have embarked on a lengthy and painful period of rationalization.

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Barrel Half Full

21st January 2015

As the price of oil continues to languish in the mid-$40 per barrel, down from over $100 last June, markets seem to be ignoring the positive and focusing on the negative: broader US and world equity markets are down on the year, oil and oil-servicing companies are taking a huge hit

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Three Men Make a Tiger

7th January 2015

An ancient Chinese proverb warning against groupthink tells of how a high-ranking official once asked his King: would you believe a cry that a tiger was free in the marketplace?

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Keep Calm and Allocate

17th October 2014

A rash of fears have overtaken markets. Over the past four weeks, the VIX (volatility index - aka “the fear index”) has risen 86% whilst global equities have slumped 7.6%

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The Big Issue

24th September 2014

In an announcement last week, CalPERS called an end to its $4 billion hedge fund portfolio, citing scale, complexity and cost as key rationale for shutting down a program that has been in place for twelve years.

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The Spinning Dancers

8th September 2014

There is an optical illusion known as The Spinning Dancer in which a female dancer continuously pirouettes. Some people will see the dancer spinning clockwise (with her left foot on the ground) while others will interpret her as spinning anti-clockwise

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Bubbles Everywhere or Just the “New Normal”?

23rd July 2014

There has been a growing chorus of investors and pundits decrying bubbles in nearly every major asset class - rates, credit, equities, and even (once more) property.

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