Side Stepping The Bond Bubble

23rd April 2013

Bond yields are at all-time lows. This is not news - we have lived through a 30 year bull run in Gilts (10 year Gilt yields have fallen from 16% to 2% since the early 1980s).

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Is Inflation a Greater Risk Than The Market Believes?

16th April 2013

With the monetary authorities of major developed market economies implementing unprecedented levels of stimulus in lock-step, many investors are worried about inflation over the long-term.

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Cyprus – A Tempest In a Teapot?

18th March 2013

News of Cyprus's plans to loot deposit accounts has, not surprisingly, shaken markets and left many wondering whether this could mark the end of the current equity market rally.

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Private Asset Management: Commodities Q&A

1st February 2011

David Ford, managing partner of Gatemore Capital Management, discusses the rationale for commodity investment and how to think about making it part of an overall asset allocation.

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Don’t Take Financial Advice From Salespeople

5th June 2009

At large private banks, “financial advisers” claim to play the role of impartial advice-givers, but in reality often act like


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