Gatemore Capital Management Launches New Bespoke Fiduciary Service

Gatemore Capital Management LLP (Gatemore), the boutique investment advisory firm, today announces the launch of its ‘Delegated CIO’ service for pension funds as the firm expands its offerings in the UK.

The fiduciary service is entirely bespoke, providing clients the option to control which approvals can be made on their behalf and which still require their overview – giving each client the flexibility to engage with Gatemore across all processes of portfolio creation in a way that suits them. Unlike other fiduciary services, Gatemore’s Delegated CIO process is not product-led nor created using a portfolio template. As a result, each custom-built portfolio remains client-focussed and conflict-free.

Under this new service, Gatemore’s approach to investing will remain unchanged – focussing on diversification and long-term value opportunities across asset classes. The fee structure, which is largely driven by outperformance of client objectives, will also remain the same across Gatemore services.

Mark Hodgson, Managing Director of Gatemore Capital Management UK, commented: “We are continually reviewing our services in response to client demand. Our current approach has worked extremely well in difficult market conditions but we have found that many clients want us to go one step further and take up the heavy burden of implementation.

“The beauty of this service is that it sits firmly alongside our existing offering in that trustees will get the same advice, end up with the same portfolios and pay the same fees irrespective of how they engage with Gatemore. In that respect, and because we do not run any of our own funds, it is truly free from any conflict, and gives trustees service-led choice.”