Gatemore Appointed Pension Scheme Investment Consultant by DZ Bank

Gatemore Capital Management LLP announced today that it has been chosen to provide its “dedicated chief investment officer” service to the DZ BANK AG London Branch Pension Plan, a defined benefit pension scheme. Under this role, Gatemore will oversee the development and implementation of the Plan’s investment strategy, but with the trustees of the Plan retaining decision-making powers.

Mr Jonathan Bullock, Chairman of the Trustees of the Plan, said:

“Gatemore was the right choice for us – we wanted our portfolio to be managed proactively but without us giving up our fiduciary duties.”

Mr Mark Hodgson, Managing Director of Gatemore, said:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the DZ BANK AG London Branch Pension Plan trustees and look forward to bringing to them our transparent model and forwarding-thinking advice. This approach has proven to work even through difficult periods such as 2008 and early 2009.”

Gatemore opened its London office in the summer of 2009 to expand its “dedicated chief investment officer” model to UK pension schemes. Under this model, Gatemore oversees the development and implementation of bespoke investment strategies, from liability modeling to asset allocation, manager selection and consolidated reporting. In contrast with other market offerings, however, Gatemore allows trustees to retain final decisions and empowers trustees to embrace their fiduciary duties.