Gatemore Launches Tailored Service for Private Equity-backed and Multinational Companies with Underfunded Pension Schemes

Gatemore Capital Management, the boutique investment advisory firm, today launches Gatemore Pension Advisory (“GPA”), an innovative new service aimed at corporate sponsors of underfunded pension schemes. GPA brings together top experts across investment, actuary, regulatory, legal and accounting disciplines to serve as an Advisory Team tasked with identifying the most creative and cost-effective ways for companies to reduce their pension deficits.

Liad Meidar, Managing Partner at Gatemore, says: “Most sponsors are getting advice from firms selling the predictable suite of products and services. Our message to business owners seeking to maximise enterprise value ahead of a potential exit – and to senior executives looking to reduce pension fund liabilities and scheme cash commitments – is that there are more creative solutions to your pension issues than you may be aware. Our team looks at the situation from every angle and has a proven track record of solving some of the most intractable pension problems.”

One of the unique elements of the new GPA service is the performance-based fee model which ensures that companies only pay for value received.

Mark Hodgson, Managing Director at Gatemore, says: “Sponsors are tired of paying large consulting fees without knowing whether every possible approach was explored and whether any of the advice will work. Our fee structure is based on success – as defined by the company. Our interest is fixing the problem while being judicious with management’s time, and our compensation is aligned that way.”


Notes to editors

Gatemore Capital Management is a boutique investment advisory firm serving a broad client base of mid-sized pensions and private investors. With a very different approach to most investment consultants, Gatemore offers innovative and tailored investment programs capable of delivering true diversification and differentiated long-term returns.

With offices in the US and the UK, Gatemore is led by Managing Partner Liad Meidar and Managing Director Mark Hodgson in London. Managing Partner David Ford, Jr. heads the firm’s New York office.